We aren't just your stereotypical "Bob's electric" on the corner of your srteet. We are dedicated to training and cultivating the best team of electricians in the KC area and making memories while doing so.

We care about your whole life

You aren't just a number. Unlike most of the construction industry, we don't treat like you like a battery that gets thrown out when it's empty. We don't just care about how well you can do your job right now, we help you create a sustainable future for you and your family.

great company events

Achievement is great, but making memories is equally as important. Multiple times per year we host fun challenges and events that push our team out of their comfort zone while having fun. Pictured here is a crossfit mixer we recently hosted with Newkirk Novak, a general contractor in the KC area.

coaching and mentorship

When we started Empowered Electric, we found is appalling how few construction companies actually do evaluations. Twice a year, every person at Empowered Electric gets a one-on one evaluation with management/ownership that outlines clear instructions on how to get raises and level up, as well as all-company meetings ever second Thursday.

work hard. party hard.

Again, we LOVE making memories. Whether it's our crazy Christmas parties or fun summer bashes, we love working hard and partying even harder.