Extremely Detail-Oriented. When it comes to material procurement, change orders, coordinating subcontractors,budgets, billing and closeout processes, you know your stuff from A to Z. In addition, the project start-up phase is where you thrive. And timeliness drives all these tasks.

Significant Field Experience. You possess hands-on experience as a field Foreman and have led small-to-medium sized projects on your own or with a team. You emphasize safety, quality and customer experience the relentlessly pursue the task at hand.

An Emphasis on Leadership. As Project Manager, you can identify, direct, question, instruct and assist field personnel. There’s no shying away from ownership inprojects – the buck stops with you. And despite pressure during a project, the stress won’t throw you off from meeting deadlines or compromising on standards.

Conflict Resolution. Whether it’s with customers, vendors or Empowered employees, resolving conflict between two or more individuals doesn’t intimidate you. You possess the wisdom to correct and instruct the best way forward,and ensure we move together as one unit.

Adhere to Guidelines. You follow company safety guidelines, and implement based on NEC Codes, OSHA Regulations, plans and specs. You are fully able to read and interpret in regard to such guidelines. You NEVER compromise on safety and quality.


Career Growth Isn’t Your Priority. If your goal is to secure a job and coast . . . that’s great. But at Empowered, we will push you to be the best electrician possible. This means the climb will get tough at times, but it’s because the last thing we want for you is to be content. Enhance your career at Empowered Electric.

You’re Independent. To a Fault. If you consider yourself a “Lone Wolf,” Empowered might not be the best place for you (even though “Lone Wolf” is a pretty sweet nickname). Our team looks after one another and pushes each other to do excellent work and grow in our craft.

You’re Not Quite There. If you feel like Empowered is the place for you, but your skillset isn’t ready for the ensuing tasks...we respect your honesty. We care about the drive to get better just as much as the skill itself. When both of those qualities align, let’s start a conversation.

Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities

You're ready to meet each of these tasks head on

Material Procurement

  • - Buyout all big ticket items and write PO’s.
  • - Buyout large quantity items for larger jobs (MC, pipe, other day today items etc.)
  • - Manage lead-time items - release at appropriate time, check for accuracy, track shipping.
  • - Verify light fixture counts, devices, gear items, etc - any non day-to-day items being ordered.
  • - Order all material for the field. Review acknowledgments and invoices for accuracy. Check specs to verify proper products being used.

Project Start - Up

  • - Make sure we have hand-off meeting from estimating.
  • - Make sure we receive and review contract.
  • - Review estimating scope of work to understand project and look for issues/opportunities.
  • - Contact with GC to understand timeframes, expectations and needs.
  • - Ensure permits are in place and that job accounts are set up.
  • - Review drawings and specs to understand project before buyout.

Submittals + RFI

  • - Create submittal log at start of project. Produce/track all submittals through completion and in a timely fashion.
  • - Review submittals received from vendors or subs for accuracy prior to submittal. Review all comments to ensure picked up prior to releasing products.
  • - Compose RFI’s or send other requests for information we need andtrack receiving a response in an appropriate amount of time.

Billing + SOV's

  • - Create SOV at start of all projects.
  • - Work with Andrea every month to ensure all projects are billed and billings are sent by due date.
  • - Track big-ticket expenses to make sure our billing is covered through month’s end. Work with vendors for stored material documentation is required.

Document Management

  • - Monitor project schedules to ensure GC not behind or putting us in bad position. Address when necessary.
  • - Monitor material procurement to ensure prompt lead-time item deliveries. Communicate with GC on various day-to-day issues.

Change Orders

  • - Stay in the loop for all change-order items and address with GC prior to completing the work.
  • - Submit all change-order pricing, preferably as a lump sum price (done in a timely fashion).
  • - Track change-order pricing for approval or if being rejected. Keep Change-order log and make sure they’re received for each job.


  • - Buyout all subs at beginning of project, write subcontract or PO as needed.
  • - Ensure all subcontractor submittals and shop drawings are completed and delivered/reviewed.
  • - Help manage subs as needed, with issues or getting onsite if necessary.
  • - Review sub-pay apps monthly, make sure subs work is getting captured on our monthly billing.


  • - Create project budgets, manage throughout projects.
  • - Review bids, quotes, and PO’s against drawings to review for both issues and opportunities.
  • - Keep Josh/Paul in loop on budget statuses and issues.


  • - Serve as main point of contact for customer
  • - Be available for foremen to assist in issues, questions, information needed, etc
  • - Information management - sending pertinent information, drawing updates, RFI’s, PR’s to appropriate parties - subs, vendors, field
  • - Schedule inspections.
  • - Help coordinate with GC, our subs, other subs on project, utility company, vendors, owners, design team - whoever we need to coordinate with to complete our work.
  • - Making sure project meetings have EE representative there if needed.
  • - Help coordinate with GC, our subs, other subs on project, utility company, vendors, owners, design team – whoever we need tocoordinate with to complete our work.

Closeout Process

  • Ensure all O&M’s as builts are promptly delivered.
  • - Make sure all change orders have been received and everything billed 100%.
  • - Track to make sure all punch list items completed.
  • - Help coordinate warranty work getting completed after project completion.

Customer Experience

  • - Develop/maintain relationships with GC’s, owners, design team members, subs, vendors, foreman and other field employees.
  • - Specifically spend time with current GC’s we are working with to establish good relationships. Also maintain former customers and contacts.

Our Story Our "Why"

Empowered Electric has grown exponentially over the last four years. How? The answer is simple: wehire the qualified electricians in Kansas City who want to work with us and not for us.

We’ve gone from “up-and-coming” to “here-to-stay” because the people we hire are a unique breed. Are they skilled at what they do? Absolutely.But what you’ll see under “Qualifications” goes beyond the electrician trade itself.

We’re looking for passion. We’re looking for grit. We’re looking for excellence.

And we don’t just care about your amazing skillset as an electrician. We care about attitude and effort.

Why should you ever settle for anything less?

Full Benefits

  • Roth 401(k) with Employer Match
  • Health Insurance
  • Group Dental + Vision
  • Life Insurance ($50k)
  • Long/Short-TermDisability Insurance
  • Indoor/Outdoor Gym
  • Time Off for Vacation
  • Happy Hour Events


  • Full-Time Position
  • Salary: TBD (Based on Experience)
  • Unlimited Growth Potential
  • Continuing Education(ABC Apprenticeship Program, OSHATr aining etc.)
  • We Participate in E-Verify

We want you to succeed. And Empowered isn’t done growing. We can empower one another along the way - that makes work worth gettingout of bed every morning. You in?


The Empowered Electric Team

Full time

Kansas City, MO

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