How Do I Bend a 3 Point Saddle?

You are gonna wanna watch all 10 minutes of this training video of how to bend a three point saddle. Holy cow it kicked my butt at the beginning but we didn't give up.

Whenever your running conduit you should always look for the path (or route) of least resistance. Every once in a while there will be a sprinkler line or drain line that is just right in the gosh darn way. While a 4 Point Saddle is much easier to bend, save those for squared or rectangular obstacles. The three point was made for the wheels on the bus... (round and round get it).

Quick and dirty equation for a 3 point saddle using 22.5, 45, 22.5 bends.

1. Find the height of your obstruction and multiple that number by

2.5. i.e. If the pipe was 2" heigh you would take 2 * 2.5 = 5.2. Find the centerline of where you want your bend in the conduit. Measure both directions from that center line 5".

3. Place the centerline of the conduit in your bender lining the center mark up with the notch before your star and bend a 45 degree bend.

4. Push the conduit in to the next mark, lining this mark up with the normal arrow and rotating the conduit 90 degrees. Now bend a 22.5 degree bend (ps. this bend will only say 22 not 22.5 lol).

5. Flip the entire conduit around with the mouth of your bender facing the centerline. Bend the second 22.5 degree bend just like the first.

Well that was a mouthful and now my fingers hurt from typing. Watch the video, get a laugh, and learn something helpful.

As always the goal of these videos is to Empower you to chase being a better electrician and person. Laugh, try, win and fail. Teach and Learn and sweat and hydrate. Life is meant to be lived.

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